Clan [NSA] website

Posted in Web News by Rz on the October 10th, 2006

I’ve just opened the new Clan [NSA]Website !
Wordpress powered, cool style.

Website address :

Firefox 1.5 released !

Posted in Web News by Rz on the November 29th, 2005

Woohoo ! Firefox 1.5 was relased one hour ago !

Grab the “precious” here :

You will find all the versions available (Linux, MacOs, Win32).

Have installed it 30 mins ago, and it works pretty well.

WARNING : a big part of your 1.0.x extensions and themes will not work properly with 1.5. Then be sure to use “1.5 ready” extensions ;)

Send an email in bash

Posted in Tutorials, Linux by Rz on the November 4th, 2005

Quick tutorial for sending an email in bash.

To work, your system must have the following : postfix or sendmail, mailx package (and dependencies).

Define the variables :
# script to send simple email
# email subject
# Email To ?
# Email text/message

Start the message :
echo "This is an email message test">$EMAILMESSAGE
echo "This is a second line">>$EMAILMESSAGE
echo "This is a third line">>$EMAILMESSAGE

Send the email :
# send an email using /bin/mail
/bin/mail -s "$SUBJECT" "$EMAIL" < $EMAILMESSAGE

In this script, you can add all the variables you want (ie : df, free, uptime, hostname, date…) ;)

Rz::Design Site Updates !

Posted in Site News by Rz on the November 4th, 2005

As u have probably noticed, Rz::Design is under maintenance.

I plan to launch this new version really soon. :D I have to finish the style template (only some little stuff to fix as the actual work going well).

Hope u will appreciate this “new style” ;)

U will find a lot of new features : web news, simple tutorials browser, simple portofolio browser…

Stay tuned !

Gun Run

Posted in Web Games by Rz on the November 4th, 2005

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