Rz::Design Site Updates !

Posted in Site News by Rz on the November 4th, 2005

As u have probably noticed, Rz::Design is under maintenance.

I plan to launch this new version really soon. :D I have to finish the style template (only some little stuff to fix as the actual work going well).

Hope u will appreciate this “new style” ;)

U will find a lot of new features : web news, simple tutorials browser, simple portofolio browser…

Stay tuned !

Virus Warning !

Posted in Site News by Rz on the October 31st, 2005

One of u got my email adress in his adress book and is infected by the SOBIG worms ! I’ve received about 10 emails per day (Mail delivery faillure) !

I’m not infected by this worms then check all your PC !!! :(

Moreover, the returned mails inform me that they were sent by Outlook express… I don’t use Outlook Express to check my Hotmail account…

Symantec has develop a tool to remove this worms !
U can find it here :

Mcafee got a very useful tool that remove 30 early known worms…
U can find it here :

Good Luck ! ;)