Dodged smoke

Posted in Tutorials, Photoshop by Rz on the October 31st, 2005

This tutorial explain how to create realistic dodge blending smoke. It quite easy to create , so be aware of all the details it have. You may create your own thing to come up with something pretty different each time.

» 1st step

First of all, let create a 200×200 pixels window.
Be sure to have monochromatic colors. (F:White/B:Black).
Let select Filter > Render > Clouds.
(You may have the same or aproximative result at what i got here : )
It already make some smoke but we’re ain’t at our satisfaction. Lets call this layer (Basic smoke).

» 2nd step

Make a copy of basic smoke.
Put the mode to color dodge.
Name that layer dodged smoke.
Now you should have more light then the original one.
Hide the new layer.

» 3rd step

Now is the funniest part.
Click on the basic smoke layer to select it.
Let put up some distort on it. Filter > Distort > Waves
Play with the setting until you think it look raw!
Ok, it look cool isnt it ?
we are quite far from the end. Bring the brightness down a bit. Image > Adjust > Brightness/contrast about -30.
Select Dodged smoke layer, (we see him now thrue the background) and change his saturation (CTRL+U).
You can choose the color you want, but let the saturation to about 20-25.
If you are away from what i got here , please restart.

» 4th step

Always on a dodged smoke layer, make a wave distort on him, but make it different from the first layer, the basic smoke one.
Adjust the brightness/contrast again to make it real about B: -24 C: +4.
Well it should look like this , or near.
I hope you got some or more knowledge on blending. ;)

» Extra

You can play with the light with Filter > Render > Lighting effect to come up with a tasty piece.